Barkworthies Logo Design

Making a Category Leader

Irresistibly Pure

To better align and communicate its  product benefits, pop at shelf, build brand awareness and seize growth opportunities, the team at Barkworthies® engaged in a comprehensive refresh.


We refocused the brand with an irresistibly tasty and pure positioning. The blue equity color was leveraged to keep current consumers, while playful dog images and a new brandmark added spirit to the brand. Seizing on consumer demand for brand transparency, we developed our architecture with large windows and descriptive, consumer-friendly product names.


The new branding and packaging significantly beat the old design in validation research on purchase intent, attractiveness, 
and memorability. 


Brand Development

Brand Identity

Packaging Design

Production Management

Point of Sale


We created a "chew meter" system to enhance communicate

with pet owners. Dog chews are not a one size fits all product. Barkworthies® now has the tools to aid consumers in choosing the right product for their dogs' needs.


Majestic dog imagery implemented on the masthead of each package not only added aesthetic value, but also helped communicate the size and breed that each product is intended for.  


Upon completion of the new architecture for Barkworthies' chew line, a new "Superfood Jerky" line

was introduced displaying healthful recipes and mouthwatering flavor inclusions.

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