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Crafting a Fresh and Juicy Brand Image

As the largest non-chocolate confections manufacturer in the U.S., Ferrara Candy continuously seeks to satisfy consumer demand and address market trends. Recognizing the rapid growth of organic, Ferrara invested $25million in an organic infrastructure to produce high quality, delicious and affordable confections under its Black Forest brand. “We created Black Forest Organic Gummies, the first nationally available gummies certified USDA Organic, to unlock the huge potential of organic confections for both consumers and retailers,” says Jamie Mattikow, chief commercial officer at Ferrara Candy.


Focused on brand building in an ever-changing competitive market, Black Forest looked to strengthen its brand image with harmonized graphics across its classic and organic gummy product lines. To attract the premium gummy purchaser and modernize the brand, we crafted a clean, minimalist architecture, utilizing a vibrant green brand equity color to create the foundation for the shelf block. An evolutionary new brandmark was developed to live across both lines and further promote the So Juicy · So Good™ brand message. Black Forest is available in major US retailers such as Walmart, Target, CVS and Dollar Tree, and continues to expand with new product innovations. 


Brand Development

Brand Identity

Packaging Design

Photography & Illustrations

Seasonal & Limited Time Offerings

Production Management

Point of Sale

Black Forest Gummy Bears Package Design Hughes BrandMix
Black Forest Fruit Snacks Package Design Hughes BrandMix
Black Forest Organic Logo Lockup
Black Forest Organic Package Design Hughes BrandMix
Satisfying consumer demand, the Black Forest Organic portfolio was extended into Fruit Snacks for a better-for-you anytime treat.
Black Forest Organic Family Hughes BrandMix
Blac Forest Organic Fruit Snacks In-Store

Black Forest Organic as seen at Costco

Hover at the Right and Left Edges of the Screen
Juicy, realistic product illustrations were employed to heighten taste appeal and quickly telegraph the real fruit juice product point-of-difference. 
The Black Forest Organic launch was supported with a $10 million campaign including digital marketing and in-store activations such
as point of sale displays. 
Now and Later Package Design Hughes BrandMix
Dream Works Fruit Snacks Package Design Hughes BrandMix
Kirkland Chocolate Package Design Hughes BrandMix
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