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Brach's Identity Redesign

Restoring an Iconic

Brand’s Heritage

Since 1904, Brach’s has been synonymous with satisfying America’s sweet tooth with quality confections at competitive prices. Along with its everyday offerings, Brach’s is a powerhouse category leader in seasonal products, producing 80 percent of the total candy corn market.


However, in the early 2010’s a brand modernization with the objective to refresh Brach’s for a younger demographic led to consumer confusion, declining revenues and a loss of market share. Challenged to restore its brand recognition and regain consumer trust, we repositioned Brach’s, leveraging its heritage and bringing the tonality back to its classic roots. Following the relaunch, Brach’s sales and market share recovered and continue to produce yearly growth.


Brand Development

Brand Identity

Packaging Design

Photography & Illustrations

Seasonal & Limited Time Offerings

Production Management

Brach's Packaging Before Redesign

Brand Guidelines

Brach's Redesign Logo
Brachs Candy Package Design Hughes BrandMix

The new brandmark activated the iconic purple and magenta equity colors aiding brand recognition. Taste driven product photography further communicated the uncompromising quality of Brach’s candies.

Our adaptable architecture allowed for easy transition between seasons, while preserving a strong brand focus.

Leveraging the sweet indulgence of Brach’s chocolate and caramel confections, we extended the architecture to the Creations sub-lines, utilizing warm decadent colors to inspire appetite appeal.

Chocolate Creations™

Caramel Creations™

Through creation of a style guide, the new Brach’s branding was applied consistently across various mediums including a website and its digital marketing platforms.

Brach's Brand Style Guide
Jamie Mattikow
Chief Commercial Officer, Ferrara Candy Company
We continuously seek to contemporize the Brach’s offering while leveraging the longstanding tradition and heritage for which the brand is known. This is evident in our new branding and packaging by Hughes.
Now and Later Package Design Hughes BrandMix
Dreamworks Fruit Snacks Package Design Hughes BrandMix
Kirkland Chocolate Package Design Hughes BrandMix
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