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a Mass Premium


Since 1904, Brach’s has been synonymous with satisfying America’s sweet tooth with quality confections at competitive prices. Looking to better compete against its indulgent competitors in the market, Brach’s initiated a refresh to its premium line of chocolates.


We were challenged with restoring Brach’s brand relevancy to its loyal consumers, while expanding the consumer base to a younger audience and increasing brand awareness. 


To elevate Brach’s perception as a mass premium offering, we identified and leveraged purple as a brand equity color. The purple added to the indulgence of the chocolate products and created a cohesive brand block at shelf. 

Brach's Double Dippers Prior to Redesign

Brand Development

Brand Identity

Packaging Design

Photography & Illustrations

Seasonal & Limited Time Offerings

Production Management

Brand Guidelines

Brach's Brand Identity Redesign

We incorporated premium product photography to add taste appeal, while simple typefaces and an evolutionary logo modernized the brand for a younger consumer. 

Brach's Chocolate Line by Hughes BrandMix
A comprehensive brand guidelines was created to ensure consistent brand essence was maintained through digital media, advertising, trade communication and collateral.
Brach's Brand Style Guide
Now and Later Package Design Hughes BrandMix
DreamWorks Gummy Packae Design Hughes BrandMix
Kirkland Dark Chocolate Package Design Hughes BrandMix
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