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Brazi Bites Hero

Relaunching a Shark Tank Favorite to Seize Growth Opportunities

After debuting on the Emmy winning Shark Tank, Brazi Bites, the leading U.S. producer of South American favorite Pão de Queijo (Brazilian Cheese Bread), was ready take on mass grocery. To expand from natural to conventional retailers, the brand needed to overcome two obstacles – standing out in the crowded frozen food aisle and attracting the conventional consumer.


We re-imagined the brand with eye-catching, vibrant colors in order to pop at shelf behind freezer doors, and reflect the Brazilian brand heritage. To communicate the brand tenets of high-quality, simple ingredients, an icon system was developed across the base of each package, clearly stating its product attributes. Since starting the business in 2010, Brazi Bites has tripled its revenue every year and is on track to grow by 10x in 2016.


Brand Identity

Packaging Design

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Brazi Bites Package Design Hughes BrandMix

The new bullseye brand identity created an attractive, friendly tone for new consumers, while playful product photography and ingredient imagery drove taste appeal and advertised its snack-ability.

The vibrant new branding system established a stand out brand block for its retail and club packs, in spite of the difficult freezer case environment.

Brazi Bites Costco Display Design Hughes BrandMix
Junea Rocha

CEO & Co-Founder, Brazi Bites

As a family owned natural foods company, Brazi Bites puts product quality and customer trust first. As distribution grew, our brand needed an overhaul to compete with conglomerates that dominate the frozen snack category nationally. So we tasked Hughes with a tall order: deliver a design that reflects our values as a better-for-you, family focused brand, yet is polished and vibrant enough to stand out.


We could not have asked for a better result - visibility is better than ever, sales are up, and most importantly, the branding clearly communicates our values. Hughes has exceeded our expectations.

Lighthouse Dressign Package Design Hughes BrandMix
Cuocere Tomato Sauce Package Design Hughes BrandMix
Chickpeatos Popped Package Design Hughes BrandMix
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