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Watusee Chickpeatos Hero

Rebranding a Modern Snack Company

with Appetite Appeal

After launching 2Armadillos Snack Co. with their crispy roasted chickpea snacks, co-founders Greg and Jimmy found themselves in a small business competition segment on The Today Show. Judge Marcus Lemonis, star of CNBC’s The Profit, made clear that if the brand was going to succeed, it needed stronger branding and packaging.

Finding the 2Armadillos name and brandmark didn’t telegraph health or align with the flavor profile of the products, we recommended a new brand name: Watusee Foods (pronounced What You See). The new name drove the creation of a tasty, snackable and health conscious brand of products. 


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Watusee Chickpeatos Package Design Hughes BrandMix

To clearly communicate the snackability of the crispy chickpeas, we developed a catchy new moniker, Chickpeatos. The sprightly typeface with special emphasis on the “pea” circles back to the wholesome, organic chickpea as the main ingredient. 

Watusee Chickpeatos Organic Logo Lockup

Every package utilizes bold product photography and colors to heighten taste appeal, proving healthy snacks can be delicious. 

Consumer demand and on-the-go snacking trends led to the development of single-serve grab packs. 

Watusee Chickpeatos Rosemary Display Design

The package is the most important part of selling our snacks. It is the first interaction many consumers will have with our brand and more importantly, roasted chickpea snacks. Because of the work done by Hughes, we’re confident in our ability to get our delicious Chickpeatos in the hands of hungry consumers.

Greg Katz, MD

Co-Founder, Watusee Foods

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