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Modernizing an Iconic Family Brand

Since 1937, Lundberg Family Farms has been growing healthy, great tasting rice while respecting and sustaining the earth. With over a decade on the market with its current rice cake packaging, Lundberg Family Farms looked to create a new, modern and fresh architecture that appealed to younger, health conscious millennial consumers without losing the current consumer base. 

To reflect the brand’s distinct personality and its core attributes of healthy, sustainable, premium foods, we simplified the iconic farm scene and leveraged a vibrant color palette that would better pop at shelf. Product and ingredient photography were incorporated to drive taste appeal. Aligning with the consumer decision tree, we developed a new communication hierarchy and organized the product benefits features across the bottom of each package. 


Packaging Design

Photography & Illustrations

Point of Sale

Brand Language


Beyond the refresh of Lundberg's classic rice cakes,

we were also asked to design a new product in the

Lundberg portfolio. Mini Rice Cakes are a spin on the classic

rice cakes, but positioned to a snacking crowd with

interests in more powerful snacking flavors.


To clearly communicate the snackability of the crispy chickpeas, we developed a catchy new moniker, Chickpeatos. The sprightly typeface with special emphasis on the “pea” circles back to the wholesome, organic chickpea as the main ingredient. 

Pepperidge Farm Cookies Package Design Hughes BrandMix
Stonyfield Fruit Snacks Package Design Hughes BrandMix
LoveGrown Cereal Package Design Hughes BrandMix
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