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Wellness CORE Brand Identity

Fueling the Carnivore Within

With continued double digit growth in the grain-free pet food category, Wellness looked to enter the market with its super premium offering – CORE. Positioned as a high-protein ancestral brand, CORE would offer pets a protein-packed, nutrient-dense diet, free from grains and animal by-products. 


We built a dark, rich brand architecture, brought to life through subtle textures and elegant foil details. The simple and clean graphics reinforced the primitive, meat-centric messaging. 


CORE continues to differentiate from competitors with innovative wet and dry food, and treat offerings for cats and dogs. In 2016, we transformed 180+ CORE SKUs to include 16 languages for launch in the European marketplace. 


Brand Development


Brand Identity

Packaging Design

Global Package Solutions

Photography & Illustrations

Seasonal & Limited Time Offerings

Production Management

Wellness CORE Family of Products

Point of Sale

Inspired by the storytelling and detailed designs of Maori tattoos, a highly intricate and spiral motif was created for the CORE brand. Woven throughout every package, the pattern tells the story of the ancestral history of cats and dogs. 
After years of product line expansions, the brand needed to re-align its central messaging and image. We underwent a portfolio review of the brand, leading to an evolutionary packaging redesign to rebuild a cohesive brand image to brand block at shelf. 
Wellness CORE Brand Presence In-Store
Catherine McCarthy
Sr. Director, Global Insights & Innovation, WellPet
With small budgets, and crowded markets, packaging is the primary tool we use to build our brands. Hughes Design Group are packaging specialists rather than a firm that happens to do packaging ‘too.’ That means they understand how packaging actually works and the strategic role that structure, design and communication play in consumer brand selection.
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