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Defending a Category Leadership Position 

Despite having created the slow cooker category, the Crock-Pot brand was losing its leadership position to increased competition. Like other category originators such as Kleenex and Band-Aid, Crock-Pot had become a generic category name rather than a trailblazing brand. 


Guided by consumer psychographics, we instituted a new brand positioning, “Healthful, modern living.”  This drove the brand redesign, resulting in a fresh architecture with distinct segmentation for the 100+ SKUs and product lines. In 2014, Jarden Consumer Solutions sold 4.4 million Crock-Pots, up from 3.2 million in 2005. Following the success of the Crock-Pot redesign, we revitalized the branding and packaging for Mr. Coffee, Oster, Bionaire and others within the Jarden Consumer Solutions portfolio. 



Brand Language

Brand Identity

Packaging Design

Photography & Illustrations

Production Management

Brand Guidelines

Crockpot Family of Slow Cookers Design by Hughes BrandMix
A flavorful new color palette with easily navigable visual cues segmented the brand by features and benefits, increasing shopability to connect with its health-conscious consumers. 
Our iconic new brandmark evoked slow cooking’s sensory appeal, while our recommended tagline, “The Original Slow Cooker” established Crock-Pot as the category originator. 
Crockpot identity before redesign
CrockPot Logo Idenity Design by Hughes BrandMix
We extended the architecture to chef inspired slow cooker meals utilizing appetizing product photography and a custom logo lockup, Crock-Pot Cuisine.
Melitta Pourover Packaging
FoodSaver Packaging Design
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