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Building a Brand for

National Success

Following in the trailblazing success of TruMoo Milk as the nation’s leading ready-to-serve flavored milk brand, Dean Foods looked to create innovation in the fluid milk category with the first national fresh white milk brand, DairyPure.


Our unified, farm fresh design strategy built on the regional white milk brand consumers knew and loved, while easing the transition to a national brand. Released in May 2015, DairyPure has become a $2.5 billion brand, making it one of the top consumer packaged goods lines in the United States. Information Resources, Inc. ranked DairyPure among the top ten most successful food and beverage product launches of 2015. 


Brand Identity

Packaging Design

Photography & Illustration

Production Management

Integrated Marketing

We developed an all-American farm scene design, strong communication of the product proposition – the 5 Point Purity Promise – and a new brand identity for DairyPure that could live alongside Dean Foods
31 regional and local brands.
With its national recognition in milk, we extended the branding to creams, lactose free milk and cultures, for a cohesive brand image.  
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