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GoPure Water Purifier Logo Design Hughes BrandMix

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Motivated by the global need for safe, clean drinking water, PuriBloc developed a portable water purifier with patented technology that can adsorb impurities, balance pH and release valuable trace nutrients.

Challenged with building brand awareness, we worked alongside the marketing team to create a consumer facing brand for their innovative product – GoPure Water Purifier. The name GoPure further communicated the brand promise of pure water everywhere. The packaging was purposefully designed with a minimalist aesthetic and eye-catching colors to build brand awareness and increase sales. The GoPure Water Purifier has been featured in Fox Business, Parade Magazine and Yoga Digest Magazine. 


Brand Development



Brand Identity

Packaging Design

Structural Design

Photography & Illustrations

Point of Sale

GoPure Design View

Finding inspiration from the tech industry, we developed a custom, hassle-free structure that could break through shelf clutter and communicate GoPure’s unique product attributes. 

GoPure Puppy Water Purification
GoPure Package Design Sketches
GoPure Water Purification System Animation

The GoPure Water Purifier was line extended into GoPure Pet, a specially designed pet water purifier to live in pet water bowls.

The energizing brand architecture was adapted and given lifestyle photography to telegraph usage. 

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