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Mayfield Creamey Logo Design

Bringing Southern Charm to Homes Nationwide

Following standout performance years in flavored and white fluid milk with TruMoo and DairyPure respectively, Dean Foods set its sights on another core growth pillar for the organization – ice cream. Utilizing its beloved southern heritage brand, Mayfield, Dean Foods looked to revitalize the brand, re-engaging current users in core markets, and establishing itself in new markets nationwide. 


Consumer research into Mayfield proved that current users had lost touch with the reasons to believe in the brand – always real fresh cream and a 90-year family brand history of perfecting ice cream recipes. Our carefully crafted designs integrated heritage elements of the brand and its southern charm, with modern appeal and clear communication for new consumers. 


Brand Development

Brand Identity

Packaging Design

Photography & Illustrations

Seasonal & Limited Time Offerings

Production Management

Brand Guidelines

Mayfield look before redesign
Mayfield Creamery Hero
By optimizing the original Mayfield Dairy Farms logo with a contemporary sensibility, and infusing it with the original Mayfield ice cream name of Mayfield Creamery, our new logo respects the brand’s rich heritage, while embracing the future.
Mayfield Logo Design by Hughes BrandMix
To manifest the core tenets of the brand visually, custom artwork was developed depicting the idyllic Mayfield farm at the foothills of the Smoky Mountains, with the original Mayfield dairy delivery truck. 
Expanding on making family moments every day, whimsical limited-time offerings were designed, featuring resident Mayfield Creamery mixologist Maggie the Cow, on her many adventures to find the perfect ice cream recipe.
Cherry Chocolate Chip
Mayfield Creamery Novelty Orange Pineapple
Mayfield Creamery Novelty Mississippi Mud Pie
Mayfield Creamery Novelty Turtle Pie
Mayfield Creamery Novelty Snow Cream
The new visual system highlights the unique characteristics and flavors in each variety, while the yellow brand equity color maintains a strong and consistent architecture across the 60+ SKUs.
Mayfield Creamery Freezer Items
YoCrunch Sprinlins Packaging
TruMoo Ice Cream Package Design Hughes BrandMix
TruMoo Chocolate Milk Packaging Hughes BrandMix
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