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Cultivating a Farm Fresh Product Line

As a pioneer in health and wellness, MegaFood strives to provide convenient, real whole-food nutrition to its growing consumer base. When consumers requested a line of organic gummy supplements with MegaFood’s careful consideration of nutrition, the brand set out to create it. 


The line needed to be disruptive in the category, clearly communicate its whole food point-of-difference, telegraph its farm fresh partnerships, and consider future product extensions.



Packaging Design

Photography & Illustrations

Production Management

Megafood Wholefood Gummies

The illustrations were created by an impressionistic oil painter who purchased the real food ingredients, set up a still life, painted it and mailed the canvases to us. Veering away from moody impressionistic colors, the illustrations are purposefully bright to evoke wellness and vibrancy, as well as flavor.

Each package features images and a story about the farm fresh partner that provided the whole food ingredients uses to create the gummies.  For example, the B12 Energy Cranberry Gummies has real cranberries from James Lake Farms, who is featured on the packaging for that SKU.  

Megafood Wholefood Gummies On-Shelf at Wholefoods

Megafood gummies as seen at Whole Foods

Transparency is at the core of the MegaFood brand so it was important that consumers were part of the gummy launch from conception to market. MegaFood enlisted a panel of consumers as part of the “Gummy Bare All” initiative to provide real-time feedback throughout the evolution of the project. Eighteen label designs were originally created and each of them tested within the consumer focus groups. Consumer feedback helped MegaFood narrow down the label design to the final design on shelf.

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