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Shaping a Cohesive

Brand Portfolio

Years of line extensions and tactical marketing initiatives had created a patchwork of products for Mott’s, America’s leading apple sauce and juice brand. To harmonize Mott’s ever increasing portfolio of new introductions and core offerings, we sought to create a cohesive brand experience by maximizing valuable brand assets.


Our comprehensive strategy began with a brandmark facelift and prioritization of apple brand messaging, which guided all consumer touchpoint applications across the 150+ SKU family of products. Following the success of the relaunch, we extended the Mott’s brand into a kid-centric line - Mott’s for Tots, an adult line - Mott’s Plus, and a twenty-something targeted line - Mott’s Single Serve 100% Juice Blends. 


Brand Identity

Packaging Design

Photography & Illustrations

Production Management

Our iconic packaging architecture considered future product line growth, enabling shelf dominance while reasserting Mott’s leadership in apple products. 

We established a versatile oval identity with brand promise cues such as the tagline, “Hand-Picked Goodness,” and apple leaf apostrophe detail. 

Mott's Logo Design Hughes BrandMix
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