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Owning Originality in a World of Conformity 

Since becoming the first long lasting chew, Now and Later has expanded its original three flavor product line to include over twenty-three flavor variations and forms. Though the products evolved with changing consumer tastes and preferences, the brand had remained relatively unchanged. 


To connect with its progressive and unique consumer base, the brand needed to re-establish itself as the adventurous, category original. Bold colors and a custom graffiti style artwork lay the groundwork for the urban, one-of-a-kind brand design. As of April 2016, Now and Later sales are up 13% compared to the overall non-chocolate confection category, according to IRI data. 

Now&Later Hero Peg Bag

Photography & Illustration

Packaging Design

Brand Developement

Brand Guidelines

Production Management

Brand Identity

Now and Later Brand Before Redesign
Now and Later Famly of Packaging

Black graffiti solidified the edgy brand block of the new brand identity, while high saturation fruit illustrations added fun, loud taste appeal. 

Now and Later Brand Logo and Illustrations

We created a flexible brand architecture that could live on various pack structures and create cohesion across multiple line extensions. 

The new branding culminated in the creation of a brand style guide, ensuring consistent application of the brand across digital media and collateral. 
Now and Later Brand Style Guide
Now and Later Magazine Article
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