A Bold and Nutty Relaunch

As a leading manufacturer of confections and nut items, Mount Franklin Foods is known for its exceptional quality and product variety. Looking to reinvigorate and boost sales of its privately held retail brand, Softer than Brittle, the team at Mount Franklin Foods jumpstarted a full rebranding initiative. 

To attract the target millennial and Gen X consumer, we renamed the brand Nubu, a subtle nod to the product’s on-trend main ingredient – nut butter. To drive usage and communicate the product benefits, we repositioned the brand as a better-for-you snack and revised the communication hierarchy. A bold color palette was integrated for shelf pop while floating product imagery emphasized the snackability of the bites and the unique, crunchy texture. 


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To clearly communicate the snackability of the crispy chickpeas, we developed a catchy new moniker, Chickpeatos. The sprightly typeface with special emphasis on the “pea” circles back to the wholesome, organic chickpea as the main ingredient. 

Every package utilizes bold product photography and colors to heighten taste appeal, proving healthy snacks can be delicious. 

Consumer demand and on-the-go snacking trends led to the development of single-serve grab packs. 

Pepperidge Farm Cookies Package Design Hughes BrandMix
Stonyfield Fruit Snacks Package Design Hughes BrandMix
LoveGrown Cereal Package Design Hughes BrandMix