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What Package Designers Wish Clients Knew

Clear Objectives Meet Clear Expectations

The creative brief is our blueprint for your project. It allows us to understand and agree upon your clearly defined objectives in order to meet (and exceed) your expectations. (We really want to do the latter!) Without a focused brief, the creative can be off target, and the project can lead to inefficiencies in cost and time. It may seem time consuming, but the effort taken into creating a comprehensive creative brief will prove extraordinarily beneficial for creating a dynamic package on shelf that both you and your consumers love.

More Isn’t More

Understanding space limitations can be critical in creating an effective design. Too much copy can cause information overload on your consumer and weaken its impact. We understand all your messaging is important, however, not everything has to be on the front panel. (Have you ever tried to read a Nascar car in under 7 seconds?) We’ll help you leverage all the available panels so your package can holistically tell your brand story through a strategic balance of copy and design. Trust in your consumer to logically navigate your package and we’ll make sure it is impactful.

A Design File Is Not Print Ready

Once you’ve selected a final design concept, it can be easy to believe we magically hit the print button and your package is complete. Due to the ever-growing and vast diversity in printing styles and techniques, the design will need to be rebuilt for print. (It sounds crazy – we know). We understand you are in a time crunch and have slotting dates and trade show deadlines, but we also want to ensure the file is built correctly for your chosen printing style. Otherwise, it may not meet your (or our) expectations. We take as much pride in your brand and project as you do, and just like you, we want to do it right. Please be understanding of the time it takes to bring your design to the finish line.

All Printers Are Not Created Equal

From flexo to offset and even digital, each printing style has its own advantages and obstacles to overcome. It shouldn’t surprise you that the quality of the printing is determined by both the style as well as the competencies of your chosen printer. If your printer doesn’t have the proficiency required to produce a high-quality version of the design, your package will suffer at shelf. (Yikes! Cue the tears.) After the months and possibly years of work you’ve put in to launch your product, we definitely don’t want to see that happen (and neither do you.) We’re your co-pilots on this exciting adventure. Use our knowledge to help determine the best style and printer for your design, and your product will shine at shelf.

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