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Harvesting a Pea Popping Success

Focused on crafting delicious and healthy snacks, Wat-U-See Foods looked to launch a new snack in the conventional grocery market that could compete with popcorn on flavor, crunch and finish. The result was Popped Chickpeatos. The light and airy green pea and chickpea puffs are packed with protein, popped full of flavor and are certified Gluten Free, Non-GMO and Vegan. To reflect the unique product propositioning of tasty, plant based ingredients, the packaging needed to be farm fresh, eye-catching and flavorful. We amplified the clean ingredient communication with a minimalist design. Flat artwork of a chickpea farm with freshly popped product imagery and a farmer tending to the crops draws the eye in. A bright, soft edged Popped logo floats in a cloud above the farm, changing color per variety to support the bold flavor profiles. To add whimsy, discovery elements were integrated into the design, such as the pea pod in the Popped logo. Popped Chickpeatos was launched at ExpoWest this past March.

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