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When is the Right Time to Refresh Your Brand for Measurable Results?

An ascending, declining or underachieving brand often opens the conversation for a brand refresh. At Hughes BrandMix, we have dedicated 30+ years to helping brands exceed their marketing objectives and improve their bottom line. Through our experience, we have found that there are certain critical moments in a brand’s life cycle that favor a refresh to drive results and growth.

Defending Against Increased Competitive Pressure

Whether it’s private label brands or new entrants, brands must stay ahead of competitive pressures or risk falling behind. Brazi Bites, the leading maker of Brazilian Cheese Bread in the U.S., wanted to shift from solely natural retailers to mass market. To stay ahead of the competition and gain trial purchases from conventional consumers, the brand relaunched with a strong, vibrant and fun new image. Brazi Bites has experienced 4,554% sales growth over the past three years and was ranked America’s #81 Fastest-Growing Private Company by Inc. 5000 for 2017.

Staying Relevant in a Changing Market

To remain relevant in the consumer packaged goods industry, brands need to listen, evolve and align with shifting consumer demands. Extensive consumer research revealed that the Mayfield ice cream branding and packaging appeared dated and failed to create an emotional connection to the brand. By listening to consumers, the brand relaunched with graphics that embraced the core equities of the brand such as the rich southern heritage, being made with fresh cream from its own dairy, and the idyllic sense of place. Following its launch, Mayfield Creamery continues to expand to new markets across the southern U.S., including Texas, Oklahoma, Arizona and New Mexico.

Evolving to Sustain Rapid Growth

Though many ascending brands start as small, entrepreneurial businesses, they must adapt to the market and consumer expectations in order to compete on a national/international level. Love Grown, known for its unique bean based cereals and tasty granolas, underwent a significant brand evolution before going national. The brand relaunched with a consistent, clean image that embraced its unique point of difference and built an emotional connection with consumers across all its brand touchpoints. The new packaging architecture allows for future product expansion into new categories. Love Grown is now carried in 11,000+ retailers in North America and growing.

Expanding with Innovative Offerings

Expansion into new product forms, flavors or entire lines can prompt brands to re-evaluate their base portfolio. Not wanting to launch its weirdly awesome new product innovations as an extension of its dark, black graphics, Trolli relaunched the brand with contemporary packaging that stayed true to its colorful, edgy equity. The new branding provided a launching pad for future product innovations due to its bold colors and strong architecture. In 2016, Trolli was named a top 10 brand by IRI with a growth rate of 18.5%. Trolli YTD sales are currently up 16% at retail versus the gummy category, which was up 10%, and total confection at +0.9% based on IRI Market Advantage data through 10/8/17.

Seizing New Opportunities in Foreign Markets

When expanding a brand into a new global market, the brand image and messaging are not guaranteed to translate perfectly to the foreign target consumer base. When WellPet looked to expand its audience by launching its protein-rich grain free brand CORE in the UK and Southeast Asia, it had to accommodate for differing global design aesthetics. The line was redesigned with simplified, more modern pack designs to appeal to the new target consumers. Seventeen languages were added to aid in consumer shopability. Based on the success of the initiative, the brand is being launched in additional foreign markets. It is currently sold in 20 countries and growing.

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