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Love Grown Launches Ancient Grain Granola

Love Grown, a Denver, Colorado based natural foods company, revolutionized the breakfast category with its unique bean-based cereals. Responding to consumer requests for lower-sugar options that didn’t sacrifice taste, Love Grown owners Maddy and Alex Hasulak set out to create a new line of premium granola that would be both nutritionally-dense and delicious tasting. The new line had to maintain the Love Grown brand essence, leverage the unique ingredient story and clearly differentiate from the existing Love Grown granola line and competitors in the market.

We infused a feminine sophistication to the line with rich jewel tones and delicate, earthy ingredient illustrations to attract the young, health conscious and active female consumer target who is both mindful of ingredients and visual appeal. Veering from the original, white Love Grown granola line, we utilized a soft beige background that is both warm and modern. An avocado shaped window was developed across the entire line to further emphasize the avocado oil point-of-difference. The simplistic and telegraphic communication style of the ingredients and certifications offers easy shop-ability for consumers and a strong brand block at shelf. The new granolas were launched at Expo West 2018 to positive retailer and consumer response.

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