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Protecting Pets Naturally

As a holistic, integrative veterinarian and the founder of Earth Animal, Dr. Bob Goldstein has dedicated his life to healing and protecting animals from harm. To counter the abundance of toxic, chemically-formulated flea and tick products in the market, Earth Animal launched a natural flea and tick line using the strength of herbal and botanical extracts to safely protect pets. Ready to launch new offerings in the line, the brand looked to re-evaluate its current strategy and packaging to better align with its safe and effective reasons to believe. To hold the ever-growing line of products together and clearly define its

natural point-of-difference, we developed the sub-brand name, Nature’s Protection. A thorough competitive audit revealed the

category to be homogenous with clinical and linear designs. We leveraged the naturally powerful ingredients with custom illustrations and a sensitive color segmentation strategy to stand out at shelf and appeal to the natural and non-natural consumer. Nature's Protection was launched at Global Pet 2018 and can be found in independent pet retailers nationwide.

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