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Creating a Tropical Oasis at Shelf

For over 30 years, Anastasia Confections has delighted Florida tourists and residents with its iconic premium confections such as the Choc-o-gator and Coconut Patties. Over time, brand growth through product extensions led to varied brandmarks and packaging styles, causing consumer confusion and limited brand recall. Looking to re-establish its brand equity, tap into consumer demand for all things coconut, and expand sales to a broad range of tropical retail destinations, Anastasia Confections was ready to relaunch with a singular brandmark and refreshed architecture.

To modernize the brand for new consumers, we shortened the brand name to Anastasia and employed premium product photography, marrying the indulgent products with their lush tropical ingredients like real coconut, mango and lime. By leveraging the sunny yellow brand equity color and infusing palm tree imagery, we were able to maintain the warmth and approachability of the brand, and brand block at shelf. The new tagline, “Taste of Paradise,” was developed to reflect the brand’s tropical retail environments. Our new architecture allows for easy extension to new flavors and products in the coming years.


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