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Cultivating a Farm Fresh Product Line

As a pioneer in health and wellness, MegaFood ( provides convenient, real whole-food supplements to its avid consumer base. When consumers requested a line of organic gummy vitamins with MegaFood’s careful consideration to nutrition, the brand set out to create it. The new line needed to differentiate from the competitive set with a disruptive, modern and fresh package that appealed to the target MegaFood consumer. The graphics needed to remain true to the MegaFood brand by clearly communicating its whole food point-of-difference, telegraph its farm fresh partnerships and consider future product offerings.

To make the bottle feel ownable and differentiate from competitors, we developed a full shrink sleeve label. The new label size additionally offered a larger billboard for branding and messaging. We created a bold white shield shape across the front of each label to contain the essential product information in a communication hierarchy that was determined through consumer feedback. The shield doubled as a strong brand block device.

In addition to visually featuring the farm fresh partners that provide the whole-food ingredients for the gummies, each package is wrapped with custom illustrations to support MegaFood’s point-of-difference and drive taste appeal. We avoided photography as it can emote mainstream and modern feelings, rather than the natural wellness that MegaFood consumers attribute to the brand. The illustrations were created by an impressionistic oil painter who purchased the real food ingredients, set up still lifes, painted them and mailed the canvases to us. Veering away from moody impressionistic colors, the illustrations are purposefully bright to evoke wellness and vibrancy, as well as flavor.

As part of its “Gummy Bare All” initiative, MegaFood enlisted a panel of consumers to provide real-time feedback on key product decisions throughout the entire evolution of the project. Consumers reported that though the gummy vitamin packaging was a departure from the original yellow MegaFood tablet line, they still felt connected to the brand and compelled to purchase the product based on the design.

The new line has already received a 2018 Health + Wellness Award by Graphic Design USA for its package design, as well as a 2018 Expo West NEXTY Award for Best New Supplement Delivery Method.

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