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Serving Up Sweetness by the Spoonful

Sisters Joan Pacetti and Julia Schmid founded The Cookie Dough Café in 2012, based on a lifelong passion for baking and stealing bites of raw cookie dough. Following a feature on Shark Tank, the sisters were ready to expand the brand nationwide and establish The Cookie Dough Café as the category leader. Stakeholder interviews unearthed the spirit of The Cookie Dough Café as minimalist, modern and targeted to 20-30-year-old women craving indulgent treats. To strengthen the brand equity, we established a simplistic black-and-white bullseye brandmark that modernized the brand and popped at shelf. We maintained the clear jars to support the premium high-quality ingredients, drive appetite appeal, and create eye-candy at shelf. The communication hierarchy was re-configured to elevate the flavors, creating easier shop-ability at shelf.


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