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Slicing into the Growing Jerky Category

Founded by a trio of friends, Meat Heads Snack Co. creates boldly flavored foods for snackers who aren’t afraid to indulge. Wanting to introduce its mouth-watering jerky to national consumers, the founders looked to build a master brand that could carry future product innovations and a sub-brand to house its unique pepperoni style pizza jerky line. Inspired by a category audit, we created a unique and ownable brand name - Meat Heads, a nod to the founders’ love for meaty snacks and a halo for future launches. Butcher knife and meat cleaver icons were leveraged in the brand identity to support the manufacturing prowess of the company. To differentiate its pepperoni style pizza jerky line from competitors, we developed a descriptive name tied to pizza, fun, and bold flavor – Pizzo’s. As the target consumer is a snacker with a pallet for spicy, intense flavors, the packaging was strategically designed to feel loud, adventurous and flavor forward. The disruptive pizza slice shaped bag further reinforced the pizza positioning.

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