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Sharpening a Category Leader

Available in over 80 countries worldwide, Chef’s Choice made a name for itself as the leading brand in technologically advanced knife sharpeners and counter top appliances. With over 100 models that span multiple product categories, the brand eventually found itself with a disjointed architecture and outdated graphics. Needing to maintain its leadership position and drive new sales, the marketing team initiated a brand evaluation and refresh. Finding that consumers were alienated by the feature focused communication and graphics, we re-positioned the brand to embrace professional grade appliances for everyday use and become a lifestyle brand. This enabled a softer brand image and expanded the target audience from predominantly older males to 25-55 year old females and males. We developed a modern brand architecture with new, premium product photography and simplified communication, making it easier to shop and differentiate the products. The brandmark was revitalized to support the new positioning and gave a subtle nod to the orange and red brand equity colors.


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