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Creating Weirdly Awesome Brand Impact at Shelf

Trolli built its category lead position by offering unique and colorful gummies to its variety-seeking consumers. Originally considered edgy, the hot pink and black brand architecture became recessive against the vibrant competitive set. With multiple weirdly awesome new product innovations in the yearly pipeline, it was critical the packaging offered a strong brand block.

We re-energized the Trolli identity, creating a bold, white logo that maintained some of the hot pink equity. To reconnect with its colorful, crave-able, sour gummy equity, we built a bold new architecture that could brand block, telegraph the unique product innovations, and fit within the weirdly awesome positioning.

Building on the success of its Sour Brite Crawlers line, the team at Trolli looked to launch new on-trend flavors and limited time offerings as a key growth initiative for the brand.

Seizing on the sweet and heat trend, Trolli developed a Fruit & Fire product with mango-cherry habañeroand cherry-watermelon jalapeño crawlers. We created custom graphics that played up the fiery flavor profile.

Launching just in time for Memorial Day and Independence Day was Red, White & Awesome, a playful crawlers SKU celebrating the patriotic holidays. This limited time offering included new blueberry and cherry crawler flavors and an iconic package design, featuring a Warhol-esque illustration of George Washington.

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