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Crafting a Clean, High Protein Line

Recognizing a consumer shift toward clean labeling and foods, the team at Wellness looked to expand its CORE brand with a new line of offerings for dogs with ingredient intolerance or allergies. The design had to reflect the established CORE branding, while standing out on shelf as something new and different.

Utilizing the high protein brand positioning as a guide, we developed a fresh-from-the-butcher design simulating a kraft paper feel and using simple block typefaces.

A new line name was developed to tell the limited ingredient story - CORE SIX. Each recipe is made with six key ingredients including quality, thoughtfully-sourced animal protein; peas, for plant-based protein and fiber; nutrient-dense chickpeas, with complex carbohydrates to support high energy levels; omega-rich flaxseed, to support a strong immune system; canola oil, for a healthy skin and coat; and tomato pomace, for antioxidants and fiber.

Large protein illustrations and ingredient icons were leveraged to create a clear communication hierarchy and aid shop-ability at shelf.

Wellness Natural Pet Food will showcase the new CORE SIX line at Global Pet Expo.

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