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What's in a Name?

Names are a critical part of your marketing mix and can be the first experience consumers have with your brand.

It is important to understand your brand, its story, target demographic and even your marketing budget to determine the type of name that drives the most value and profitability. As exemplified in our naming spectrum, a coined name is more ownable, but harder to communicate to consumers which may result in higher marketing spend to explain. Reversely, a generic name is easy to understand, but lacks the ownability and differentiation.

After creating a clearly defined positioning strategy, we identify key opportunity areas to deliver a range of names that fall within a selected area of the spectrum and are vetted based on the project objectives. Our collaborative process ensures you secure the best possible name to position your brand or product for success.

Qualities of a good name:

  • Memorability - easy and worth remembering

  • Differentiates from competitors

  • Aligns with brand positioning, story and target audience

  • Fortifies the brand image in the mind of the consumer

  • Evokes brand attributes, quality or benefits

  • Available for trademark and legal protection

Whether you are an ascending or established brand, we can help you develop the best names to reach your consumer target and bring those names to life on and off pack. Contact us to learn more!

See how we bring names to life on pack!

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