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Refreshing a Humanely-Raised Farming Pioneer

As part of an accelerated growth strategy, the team at Phil’s Fresh Eggs looked to take a more emotional approach in its packaging to better build its unique story and its brand positioning.

The new design needed to feel natural and fresh with a focus on taste and nutrition. We leveraged images of the chickens from Phil’s farms to connect with the brand’s rich heritage of environmental stewardship and humane farming practices. The logo was modernized and a new tagline was created, “Simply Better Fed. Simply Better Taste” to promote the unparalleled taste and texture of the eggs. As the quality of life for the chickens is a unique point-of-difference for the brand and its varieties, we created a new communication hierarchy, emphasizing these product benefits - Organic, Pasture Raised, Non-GMO, Free Range.To maintain consistency for current consumers, we leveraged the established variety colors.


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