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Building a Master Brand in Egypt and the Middle East

When Edita Foods, a leading FMCG company in Egypt and the Middle East, needed to increase frequency of consumption among current users and induce trial of new users to its confectionary brand MiMiX, the brand team initiated a relaunch. With low brand awareness, the relaunch needed to promote MiMiX as a master brand with products for every consumer taste and texture preference.

To convey the young and creative brand character across the entire portfolio, we refreshed the brand logo with joyful elements. New sub-brand names were developed and given ownable identities to create clear distinctions between the categories. To appeal to the differing consumer tastes, we designed unique, flavor-forward architectures with realistic product illustrations and photography. The mints and milk candy graphics were pushed more premium and adult, while the hard candy, soft chews and lollipops skewed younger and more playful to fit the corresponding target demographics.

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