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Sparking Joy in the Toy Aisle

Starmark, a world leader in award-winning dog training and behavior tools looked to leverage its expertise to launch a new interactive dog toy brand, exclusively for the FDM Channel. The new brand needed a positioning strategy, brand identity and eye-catching graphics to differentiate from the robust competitive set.

An audit of the category revealed whitespace opportunity for a fun, happy toy brand, leading to the development of the positioning – Spark Joy in Your Dog. Our new strategy created a launching pad for the creation of the brand name – Big Star, a playful name that had ties to Starmark’s home state of Texas. With a limited footprint on each package, every element had to connect and communicate with the target consumer. We crafted a vibrant color palette with playful product names and clear iconography of product benefits. In the top left corner of every product we integrated the brand’s give back program, which donates a portion of sales to rescue dogs.

#starmark #bigstar #dogtoys #dogs #packagedesign #branding #brandstrategy

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