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Top Trends at Expo East 2019

Just back from Expo East Natural Products show! Top trends we experienced include:


While collagen powders are still popular, delicious, refreshing recovery drinks and bars seemed to lead the charge this year. Vital Proteins offered a collagen water, while Picnik had a collagen creamer.

Plant Based Everything

Plant Based is still on the rise, and this year we tasted a lot of plant based dairy and snacks. We ate cheeses, dips and snacks that all were very flavorful and better for you. Brands like Real Food from the Ground Up use plant based ingredients and expanded their caulifolower heritage into new product forms like stalks.

Lotus Seed Snacks

The next Hippea like, low carb, plant protein, gluten free snack may be the Lotus Seed. The lotus seed comes from an aquatic perennial plant that is native to Asia and Australia and is cultivated in water gardens. Check out Hopapops - they’re delicious!

Goat Milk

We ate goat cheese, goat mac n cheese, goat cheese puffs, yogurts and drank goat milk smoothies. Goat milk is more digestible, and has more vitamin B6, A, Calcium and potassium than cow’s milk. If you can get past the strong flavor and want a healthier dairy choice, goat's milk is for you.


Still popular, Kombucha can be traditional or it can be heavily flavored, mixed with pre and probiotics and tasty. We tried some new flavors from companies like Health-Ade.


And because there was a whole half of the show floor dedicated to CBD, we have to at least mention it. Not regulated but widely used, CBD and Hemp is in drinks, bars, body and facial creams and anything else you could think of.

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