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Putting the GUUD Back into Breakfast

GUUD Modern Muesli formerly known as Evoke Healthy Foods partnered with HBX to relaunch their line of Muesli, a top 10 cereal choice in Europe made with whole grains, nuts, fruits and seeds.

To align with consumer's priorities of health, convenience and flavor, HBX set out to refresh the brand identity with a new name, tagline, look & feel and communication hierarchy.

What started as a line of five flavors, ended up becoming three distinct product ranges that meet the need states of different consumer segments. A 'Sweet Bridge' leveraged the palate of granola eaters, a 'Foundational Line' connected with oatmeal lovers and a 'Functional Line' aimed to capture consumers looking to jump-start their systems.

Each product range focused on bringing to life flavor using food photography and bright colors as well as key health attributes in clear and bold messaging. We communicated convenience with ready to eat serving instructions and dialed up personality with catchy and playful phrases.

Since the redesign GUUD has been sold into all Whole Food's locations and distribution has increased by 50% proving that the redesign has laid the foundation for GUUD things to come!

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