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Optimizing a
Spirited Category

Increased disposable income and spending on recreational activities has led to a steady rise in alcohol consumption over the last few decades. To reap the increased demand from consumers, brands are re-evaluating their product sets and packaging to better attract the strained consumer attention span. 


We are privileged to optimize some of the best ascending and established alcohol brands in the world for market success. Our partnerships have led to award-winning designs, strong brand awareness, loyalty and increased ROI.


Brand Development


Global Package Solutions

Brand Identity

Packaging Design

Photography & Illustrations

Production Management

Smirnoff Flavored Twist Packaging

To launch four new flavors in the Smirnoff portfolio, we created a revolutionary structure that embodied a new twist on premium vodka. The launch restored Smirnoff’s prominence on the crowded retail shelves. 

Combier Liqeur Packaging

Crafted in 1834 France, Combier needed a custom package that felt both handcrafted and modern. We devised a custom foil label with creator JB Combier’s signature, while a modern, vibrant orange telegraphed the bright citrus flavor. 

Fuzzy's Premium Vodka

We partnered with legendary golf professional Fuzzy Zoeller to develop a custom frosted bottle for his Ultra Premium Vodka. A thoughtfully designed clear window looks out over a golf course image, printed on the obverse of the back panel. The window speaks to Fuzzy’s legendary career and the clear, premium quality of the vodka. 

Fuzzy's Ultra Premium Vodka Behind the Bar

Dedicated to enhancing the enjoyment of the moment, the Fuzzy’s Vodka brand has been adapted to numerous sporting events including as a major sponsor for the Indy 500. 

Fuzzy's Ultra Premium Vodk Forula 1 Race Car
Fuzzy's Ultra Premium Vodka Sponsorship Brand Extension
Supreme Vodka Hero

Born from Russia, SV Silk Supreme Vodka redefined the Russian vodka category. The clean graphics reflect the unparalleled smooth taste while the stylishly provocative structure communicates the natural mountain crystal and mineral filtering process. 

Senor Sangria Classic Red Packaging
Alta Luna White Wine Packaging
Pisco Porton Packaging
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