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Modernizing a Fountain Classics' Nostalgic Heritage

With a rich history ingrained in the Americana tradition of fountain shops, Stewart’s was a classic brand that had become outdated
at shelf.


By building on the brand’s innovative flavor equities and soda shop heritage, we captured the opportunity to move from outdated irrelevance to evocative nostalgia in order to attract modern consumers. The new brand and packaging strategy allowed Stewart’s to better compete and live within the gourmet soda category. Following the redesign, Stewart’s market share dramatically increased.  


Packaging Design

Photography & Illustrations

Production Management

Stewart's Brand Before Redesign
Hover at the Right and Left Edges of the Screen
Stewart's Bottles
We converted the brandmark to knockout white to increase brand visibility and recognition, while our contemporary illustrations, bold colors and spirited typefaces drove the taste appeal and brand differentiation of the 10 varieties. 
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