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Refreshing a Multi-Segment Brand to

Have Category Relevance

Super Chill Classic Cola Bottle Design Hughes BrandMix

With consumer perceptions changing towards the purchase of private label brands, major grocers are seizing the growth opportunities of their wholesale and private label businesses. SuperValu’s Super Chill brand, known for refreshing beverages at exceptional prices, was falling behind with taste and category appeal with its current package design.


Through our holistic branding approach, we built a multi-segment brand system that simultaneously maintained individual category relevance and appeal to varied target consumer demographics. 



Brand Identity

Packaging Design

Photography & Illustrations

Brand Guidelines

Breaking from the previous standardized architecture, we purposefully created designs with cues from beverage category leaders to boost Super Chill flavor profiles and add a competitive edge.
Super Chill Brand Package Design Hughes BrandMix
Custom artwork was created for each category segment such as an energized lifestyle pattern for the carbonated soft drinks and
thirst-quenching bubbles with flavor imagery for the seltzers. 
We modernized the Super Chill brandmark with flexibility to live on teen targeted beverages such as carbonated soft drinks and adult targeted beverages such as mixers. The refreshing blue brandmark increases impact and brand recognition at shelf. 

For optimal architecture application across all Super Chill SKUs, we provided a comprehensive brand style guide with all vital typefaces, artwork and rules for usage for every category segment and flavor. 

Super Chill Vending Machine Design Hughes Brand Mix
Super Chill Brand Style Guide Hughes BrandMix
White Rock Seltzer Package Design Hughes BrandMix
Stewarts Soda Brand Design Hughes BrandMix
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