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Defining the Next Generation of Pet Food

Following in the incredible success of its protein-rich brand CORE, Wellness Pet Food set out to launch the next generation in pet food, a new brand called TruFood. It would be the closest to feeding a raw diet without the inconvenience.


Through the evaluation of human food trends, we found whitespace in the category – design a pet food brand with the same thoughtfulness and premium sensitivities as human food. By developing the tagline, Living Nutrition, and a vibrant watercolor palette, Hughes built a holistic brand image that would mutually support and communicate the high quality, real food ingredients such as whole-prey proteins, raw produce and antioxidant-loaded super foods, like its human food counterparts. The TruFood brand continues to grow with new additions. 


Brand Development


Brand Language

Brand Identity

Packaging Design

Structural Design

Photography & Illustrations

Production Management

Brand Guidelines

Trufood Holistic Petfood Package Design Hughes BrandMix

To bring the brand to life on pack, Hughes created a memorable brand identity coined the “TruFood World.” Composed of the market fresh ingredients found inside,

the world acts as a visual icon to the brand, increasing brand awareness, memory retention and shelf presence across

the 50+ products. 

Trufood Watercolor Logo Design Hughes BrandMix

For the TruFood line extensions, we underwent product naming development as well as evaluation of packaging structures such as the gable style box selected for the CocoChia Bakes Treats and custom diecut sleeve for the Tasty Pairings wet food.  

Wellness Trufood Holistic Petfood Package Design Scene Hughes BrandMix
Trufood Lamb Package Design Hughes BrandMix
Trufood Chicken Package Design Hughes BrandMix
Trufood Salmon Package Design Hughes BrandMix
Trufod Beef Package Design Hughes BrandMix
Utilizing the brand assets from Hughes’ comprehensive style guide, Wellness’ other agency partners created a custom website, ad campaign and a mobile TruFood wagon for a fully integrated brand image. 
Trufood Holistic Petood Brand Style Guide Hughes BrandMix
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