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Creating Mass Market Appeal for the Gluten-Free Leader

Udi's Gluten Free Logo Design

With a mission to provide consumers with the best gluten-free food on the planet, Udi’s developed products with flavors and textures to surpass its gluten-filled competitors. By the end of 2011, Udi’s market share had increased 1500%, making it the leader in the gluten-free bread and bakery category. However, the scattered and recessive branding did not meet its booming reputation.


We established a unifying brand strategy and visual story to deliver on its proposition of great taste. Sales of Udi’s reached $60 million in a 12-month period ending March 31, 2012, growing from $4 million in 2009. It was subsequently purchased by Boulder Brands for $125 million in June of 2012. 


Brand Identity

Packaging Design

Photography & Illustrations

Production Management

Udi's Gluten Free Family
Udi's Gluten Free Before Redesign
Bold colors were introduced adding friendly, mass market appeal and flavor differentiation for consumer shopability. 
The open format packaging and high quality product photography offered appetizing views into the delicious baked products. 
The evolutionary new brandmark maintained the signature yellow brand equity, while creating a distinctive brand block at retail, regardless of aisle presence in frozen, baked or dry goods.
Udi'sGlutn Free In-Store Presence

Udi’s is the fastest growing brand in the conventional grocery store channel, and the retailers get that.

Boulder Brands’  CEO Steve Hughes to analysts (November, 2013).

Late July Organic Cracker Sandwiches
Watusee Chickpeatos Crumbs
Duncan Hines Cupcake Mix Package Design
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