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Wiley Wallaby Face Panel

Seizing a Market Leader Opportunity

Driven to be the market leader in Australian style licorice, Wiley Wallaby needed to streamline its package design to build brand awareness and communicate the top product attributes; its uniquely soft texture and delicious taste. 


Consumer research led to a new brand positioning, targeted to adults craving a great-tasting, anytime treat. Not wanting to alienate current consumers, we leveraged the established brand colors.

A new illustrative background pattern was created, adding spirit and supporting the snacking usage occasion. The communication hierarchy was reconfigured to emphasize the soft and chewy point-of-difference versus competitors. The new, modern branding was integrated across the full Wiley Wallaby portfolio including Beans and Allsorts.


Brand Development

Brand Identity

Packaging Design

Production Management

Point of Sale

Wiley Wallaby Before Redesign

To attract new consumers and further promote taste appeal, we developed premium product imagery.

Expanding on the success of the Wiley Wallaby classic licorice line, the team at
Kenny’s Candy developed an Organic, Non-GMO offering for natural retail channels. 

To speak to the better-for-you ingredients and flavors, we devised a softer, natural color palette and large Organic communication. The product benefit claims were placed across the top of each package to aid  shop-ability for the organic consumer. 

Wiley Wallaby Organic Packaging Lineup
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